Part One: About Commerce Clauses

1. Can I have a sample order for your products?

Maono: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality.

2. What about the lead time?

Maono: 3-5days for sample, 21-28days for bulk order after payment.

3. Do you have any MOQ for order?

Maono: If no any customized requirment, the MOQ can be start with 1 unit.

4. How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?

Maono: We ususlly ship by DHL, USP, Fedex or TNT for small order.

5. Is it OK to print my logo on products?

Maono: Yes, it is OK.

6. Do you offer guarantee for products?

Maono: Yes, the warranty is 12months.

7. Are you manufacturer or seller?

Maono: We have 2000㎡ factory in Shenzhen, China.

8. Is your factroy certified ISO90001 and ISO14001?

Maono: Yes.

9. Is your factory certified BSCI?

Maono: Yes, we are working with many Europe famous brands.

10. Can you support customer to design new model?

Maono: Yes, we do ODM for customers.

11. Can we visit your factroy?

Maono: Sure, welcome to visit our factroy. Our factory address: No.1, Aoxiang Road, Longcheng Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, PRC.

12. Do you accept the third part to do inspection of the goods before delivery?

Maono: Yes, it is OK for us.

13. Do you get CE, ROSH, KC and other certifications for your products?

Maono: Yes, we have.

14. What is your payment term?

Maono: 30% deposit and 70% before shipment by TT.

Part Two: About Product Usages

1. AU-100 Full Compatibility Lavalier Microphone Battery Powered

1.1 Can I use this lavalier microphone with my desktop PC for voiceovers or do I need an adapter?

Maono: Yes, you can use this lavalier microphone with desktop PC. The adapter is already inclueded in the box.

1.2 How long can the bettery last?

Maono: If keep the microphone to turn on in 24hrs everyday, the battery will run out in 3 weeks, but if just use the microphone sometimes and turn it off when not in use, the button battery will work for several months.

1.3 Do I need to download an APP to use?

Maono: No, you do not need to download an APP, just simply plug into your device and turn to smartphone or DSLR camera mode, then speak.

1.4 How long in the cord on the microphone?

Maono: Considering the convenience in all the applications, this lavalier microphone comes with 236inches (6 meters) long cord.

1.5 Does this lavalier microphone record in stereo?

Maono: This lavalier microphone does NOT record in stereo.

1.6 Can I use this with garageband on iPhone to make music?

Maono: Yes, our lavalier microphne works for most of smartphone in marketplace. Remember adjust to OFF mode when used with phone.

1.7 May I use it for example, talking by microphone, and it will be appreciated for YouTube?

Maono: Sure. this lavalier microphone is ideal for recording on YouTube, FaceBook live, filming video on phone, PC, iPad.

1.8 Can this lavalier microphone be used on a guitar amplifier?

Maono: Yes, it can, if you use the included adapter. This lavalier microphone can be used in devices which come with 3.5mm jack or 6.5mm jack.

1.9 Will this lavalier microphone alone increase my voice volume when speak in a large room to the audiences?

Maono: Sure, this lapel microphone picks up sounds from you easily with build in omnidirectuonal condenser microphone, ideal for presenting, recording videos with your classmates, friends for your works, as well as recording important moments in your life with excellent sound precision. If you want to do speech in large room, just simply plug into speaker or voice amplifier.

2. AU-200 Dual Lavalier Interview Microphone

2.1 Want loud output sound, is it suitable?

Maono: Yes, it is suitable. If you want loud output, right-click speaker icon on the right down end of your screen , select <record equipment>, then click record, select microphone, double click microphone, come out one small window, select <level> , then you can adjust your microphone volume.

2.2 Is this product compatible with Canon Rebel T3i?

Maono: Sure. This dual mics is ideal for recording vocal video, interviewing with two people, doing speech to audience in large room. It’s compatible with DSLR camcorder, recorder, PA system and so on. Before use in camera Canon/Nikon, just simply turn it on.

2.3 Will this lavalier interview microphone work with a Samsung Galaxy S7?

Maono: Sure. This dual lavalier microphone is compatible with many devices, like smartphone/iPhone/Android/camera/DSLR/recorder and so on.

2.4 What type of battery does it use?

Maono: Battery type: LR44. Note: two batteries are included within package.

3. AU-A03 Podcasting Microphone with Boom Arm Kit

3.1 Can this podcasting microphone go on a microphone stand?

Maono: Yes. This podcasting microphone can match with microphone stand/boom arm, just unscrew the screw on the head of the microphone stan and simply install our microphone on it.

3.2 Does it work for PC and how does it connect to things?

Maono: Yes, it can work for PC/phone which have 3.5mm jack. and it connect with PC/phone through audio cable(included in the box).

3.3 How to use this computer microohone?

Maono: It's very easy to use. For the mic arm, you just assemble it and fix it on your table by adjusting the table mouting clamp; for the condenser microphone, the connector is a 3.5mm male pin, you just need to plug it with your computer and adjust the distance between your mouth and the microphone, you can start to record for YouTube, or do live stream broadcast for gaming, or facetime or else.

3.4 Is this podcast microphone good for gaming?

Maono: Yes. You can use this podcast microphone to give commands and chat with other gamers. It's cardioid pattern condenser microphone, which can greatly minimize background noise.

4. AU-C01 Portable Voice Amplifier

4.1 How to charge the battery, does it come with an adapter?

Maono: There is a micro USB charging port, using a micro USB cable to charge battery.

4.2 How do I know if it needs charging?

Maono: There is a battery display.

4.3 Can I use it to sing and hear myself voice?

Maono: Sure. Many teachers buy this voice amplifier to amplify their sound in a classroom with 50, even 100 students there. It's very clear when you sing a song in this voice amplifier.

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