Wireless Microphone For 100 Meters Application

- Sep 25, 2020-


Wireless microphone kit 

The AU-WM730 wireless microphone is lightweight, weighing only 45G. The body is made of PC material, and the surface is frosted, making people feel more skin-friendly.


The AU-WM730 is equipped with a 360-degree high-fidelity microphone that can pick up sounds no matter how you hold it. In terms of transmission distance, the transmission distance of AU-WM730 is up to 100 meters, and the signal is stable with constant frequency and no delay.


Au-wm730 also supports real-time ear-back. You can listen and record while plugging in the earphone, and adjust the recording effect at any time.  In terms of battery life, the Use time of  AU-WM730 is about 8 hours, which can basically meet the daily use needs.


This low-cut function is used to shield low-frequency sounds below 50Hz, such as car engine sounds, and even noises such as the whirring of fans and air conditioners, thus effectively producing a clear and natural human voice.


Multi-purpose applications can be achieved in daily life.