What Speakers Are Suitable For Making Speaker Arrays?

- Aug 21, 2018-

The sound array is a kind of sound reinforcement mode that is often used in outdoor and large-scale art performances. Its working principle is to arrange the speakers vertically. Each speaker has a cone-shaped radiation space. The cone-shaped spatial sound pressure is correspondingly squeezed to form a lateral elliptical covering space, which just covers the position of the auditorium. This is the working state of the sound array, if the outdoor sound field is wider in the lateral direction, such as a stadium or a square. In an environment, multiple sound arrays can be combined into one array.

The suspension direction and angle of each speaker of the speaker array can be adjusted. Adjust the radiation angle of each speaker so that the radiation axis of the speaker is aligned with the position of the auditorium. Adjust the angle of multiple speakers to cover the area. Cover the entire auditorium position. The radiation pattern of the sound array is:

A. Concave mode: it is suitable for the sound field of the auditorium wide, it radiates strength and distance

B. Horizontal mode: It is suitable for the sound field with long depth and long distance. The specific adjustment method is to adjust the screw bolt of each speaker on the speaker suspension device. People can adjust the speaker according to the design needs. The angle of suspension, the adjustment angle of each speaker is generally selected within the range of 00-7.50. The difficulty of outdoor open-air performances is very large, because the outdoor sound field has no sound waves reflected from the walls and ceilings on both sides, and the sound is gone forever, equivalent to the space of the universe, so the loss of sound function is great, and the general outdoor performances and When the indoor audience area is the same, the total power of the sound is 3-10 times larger than the indoor sound power, in order to meet the requirements of large-scale art performances, usually tens of thousands of watts.



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