What Is The Principle Of USB Microphone?

- Apr 19, 2018-

The principle of the USB microphone is to make the USB sound card into the microphone. This microphone is a combo of a sound card and a microphone. During recording, the microphone receives the sound directly from the sound card in the microphone and converts it from analog to digital and then sends it to the computer via USB. Of course, the high-end USB microphone can also monitor and play sound on the computer. , Through the USB sound card, from digital to analog, to the microphone headphone jack on the body, you can listen to sound.

The usb microphone, also called usb microphone, is a new type of microphone. It combines a USB sound card and a microphone, and implements recording and monitoring functions through internal digital-to-analog conversion and analog-to-digital conversion circuits. The sound quality is clean and portable. very popular.