MORFEI Smart Microphone

- May 07, 2018-

Dr. Zhiguo Wang, the co-founder of IFLYTEK and the dean of the Institute, launched a smart microphone---MORFEI smart microphone at CSHIA. This intelligent product that can be easily placed in the palm combines the industry's leading features such as three-dimensional spatial pickup, voiceprint wake-up, distributed processing, far-field precise recognition, full-duplex interaction, and synthetic speaker switching. It supports a wide range of customizable space, including business scenarios, industrial ID design, LOGO, etc., to achieve differentiation, to meet the actual market demand of manufacturers. The MORFEI smart microphone is integrated into the AIUI technology platform, enabling free and flexible cloud programming frameworks to help developers quickly connect the ecosystem.

The MORFEI smart microphone is a powerful tool for the fast enabling smart home industry. Its intelligent voice interactive full chain, hardware and software integration features save a lot of developer development work and time.

Taking the real estate agent as an example, the MORFEI smart microphone can help them quickly access the information of AI, realizing the customization of the whole smart home. It not only improves the user's actual experience, but also helps the company win the industry competition under the trend of intelligence.