What Is The Configuration Of Professional Stage Sound?

- Oct 16, 2018-

1. Equalizer

The equalizer is a device that boosts, attenuates, and adjusts the bass, midrange, and treble ratios of different frequencies.

Its meaning has two aspects:

j Make necessary compensation for the frequency response curve of the audio device or carrier so that the output sound is not distorted;

k The sound signal is processed to meet the listening requirements for the purpose of creation.

2. Frequency divider

The frequency divider is implemented by a frequency dividing circuit or device. According to the requirements of the combined speaker, it divides the full-band audio signal into different frequency bands, so that the speaker unit obtains the excitation signal of the appropriate frequency band and works in a better state.

There are many types of frequency dividers, and there are two types of sinusoidal frequency division and pulse frequency division according to the waveform of the frequency division signal.

3. Reverberator

The reverb is a very important part of the sound system of the dance hall and the large stage lighting concert venue. The main function is the reverberation of the human voice.

4. Speakers and loudspeaker box

A speaker is a device that converts an electrical signal into an acoustic signal. According to the principle, there are electric, electromagnetic, piezoelectric ceramic electrostatic and pneumatic.

The speaker, also known as the speaker box, is a device for loading the speaker unit into the box. It is not a sounding component, but a sound-assist component that displays and enriches the bass. Generally, it can be divided into three types: closed speakers, inverted speakers, and labyrinth speakers.

5. Post-Amp

A power amplifier is a device that converts an audio voltage signal into a constant power signal for driving a speaker to sound.

There are two main matching conditions for the power of the amplifier:

(1) The output impedance of the power amplifier is equal to the speaker load impedance;

(2) The output power of the amplifier matches the nominal power of the speaker.

6. Limited voltage device

The compressor is a general term for the combination of a compressor and a limiter. Its main role is two, one is to protect the amplifier and speakers (speakers), and the second is to create a special sound effect.

7. Effector

Provides sound field effects, including reverb, delay, echo, and audio equipment that specializes in sound processing.

8. Mixer

The mixer has multiple channel inputs, each channel's sound can be processed separately, and has a left and right channel; a mix; a mix of monitors, etc., a sound mixing device that is a sound engineer, sound engineer, and composer An important device for music and sound creation.

9. Transposer

Because people's noise reception ability is different, the tone requirements for accompaniment music are also inconsistent during singing. Some people hope that the sound is lower, while others need higher.



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