What Is The Audio Sampling Rate?

- Sep 29, 2018-

The sample rate and bit rate are like the horizontal and vertical coordinates on the coordinate axis. The sampling rate on the abscissa indicates the number of samples per second. The bit rate of the ordinate indicates the accuracy when the analog quantity is quantized by the digital quantity.

The sampling rate is similar to the number of frames of a moving image. For example, the sampling rate of a movie is 24 Hz, the sampling rate of the PAL system is 25 Hz, and the sampling rate of the NTSC system is 30 Hz. When we play back the sampled still pictures at the same rate as the sampling rate, we see a continuous picture. By the same token, when a CD recorded at a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz is played at the same rate, a continuous sound can be heard. Obviously, the higher the sample rate, the more consistent the sound you hear and the image you see. Of course, the sampling rate of human hearing and visual sensibility is limited, which is basically higher than the sound of 44.1kHz sampling, and most people have not noticed the difference. The number of bits of the sound is equivalent to the number of colors of the picture, indicating the amount of data for each sample. Of course, the larger the amount of data is, the more accurate the sound played back.



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