What Is SACD?

- Sep 18, 2018-

SACD is a second-generation high-density optical disc jointly developed by Philips and Sony. SACD's sampling frequency is 2.8224MHz, which is 64 times the normal CD sampling frequency. SACD uses DSD (Direct Stream Digital) digital audio technology, which is in 1Bit form from beginning to end without any conversion. SACD also comes in two forms, one is pure SACD. Except for the use of dedicated playback equipment, it is not compatible with any kind of playback equipment. SACD also has a way to make a composite disc. On the lower level of the record is SACD, and on the upper level of the record is a regular CD. It is a typical single-sided, two-layer structure. The SACD of the composite disc is well compatible with ordinary CD players. There are two recording formats for ACD: one is a two-channel format, and the other is a multi-channel (6-channel) format. SACD's music playback is very good: even the composite CD is very good. At present, the price of DVD-Audio and SACD records is very high, and the dedicated playback equipment is also very expensive; there is a great resistance to the popularity of high-format CDs.



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