What Is Pickup?

- Sep 28, 2018-

The pickup is also called the monitor head. The monitor pickup is a device for collecting the sound of the live environment and then transmitting it to the backend device. It is composed of a microphone and an audio amplifier circuit. Pickups are generally divided into digital pickups and analog pickups. Sound pickups are sound sensing devices that convert analog audio signals into digital signals and perform corresponding digital signal processing through digital signal processing systems. The analog pickup simply uses a general analog circuit to amplify the sound collected by the microphone. The pickup has three-wire and four-wire systems; the three-wire pickup generally has a red positive for the power supply, white for the audio positive, and black for the negative of the signal and power. Four-wire pickups generally represent the positive pole of the power supply, white represents the positive pole of the audio, and the negative pole of the audio and the negative pole of the power supply are separated. Pickup products are generally divided into active and passive types; vocal guitars and monitoring pickups are classified by performance.



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