What Is MLP Lossless Compression Technique?

- Oct 09, 2018-

MLP is an audio codec program for application-ownership technology developed by Meridian Audio and its collaborators over the years.

MLP's audio codec program can find these duplicates and compress all audio signals into a smaller space--by relying on this method, only a simple decoder can be used to recover the original signal with complete precision.

MLP is a true lossless system. The original data is completely recovered and transmitted during playback, and the MLP even has a way to confirm that there is no loss in the entire process data. This means that for the first time, the audience can enjoy all the information that the producer wants to express very accurately. And we don't need an accurate listening test to evaluate this codec system - MLP ensures that the original recording is efficiently transmitted through some carrier, record and computer platform. MLP is a cascadable technology. That is to say, the audio signal can be continuously encoded and decoded while the output data is always an exact copy of the original data. The MLP bitstream is effective against transmission errors such as a series of disk corruptions and transmission interruptions. Bitstream transmissions typically restart completely within 10ms to 30ms of the time after the interruption. Once the transfer is interrupted, the lossless operation will start immediately and the smaller transmission error will be fixed within 2ms, so the bitstream will continue to perform well under difficult transmission conditions. The composite restart system enables fast prompting and repeating MLP data streams in the disc.

MLP provides a very useful way to save data rate and bandwidth. Since lossless compression takes advantage of the true information in the signal, the total amount of compression that can be obtained for audio signals of different content is different. Thus, lossless compression schemes can produce different output data rates. MLP has different data rate options to store audio information in computer documents most efficiently. However, MLP has a very important fixed data rate option. A special focus on the design of the encoder is to ensure that the MLP can not only be stored in the file space (conventional data rate), but also can reduce the peak data transmission rate. In other words, MLP can always reduce the bandwidth of the audio data stream. The MLP meets all ISC requirements for DVD-AUDIO.



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