What Is Audio Power Amplifier Distortion?

- Nov 09, 2018-

Audio power amplifier distortion refers to the phenomenon that the waveform of the reproduced audio signal is distorted, and is usually divided into two categories: electrical distortion and acoustic distortion. Electrical distortion is the distortion of the signal current during the amplification process, and the acoustic distortion is that the signal current passes through the speaker, and the speaker fails to reproduce the sound faithfully.

Regardless of electrical distortion or acoustic distortion, according to the nature of distortion, there are mainly two kinds of frequency distortion and nonlinear distortion. Among them, the relationship between the amplitude and phase of each frequency component of the signal is changed, only the waveform distortion occurs, and the new frequency component is not added, which is linear distortion. Harmonic distortion (THD), intermodulation distortion (IMD), etc. can generate new frequency components, or modulation products of various frequency components. These superfluous products are extremely inconsistent with the original signal, causing sound distortion and rough and harsh. These distortions belong to nonlinear distortion.



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