What Is A Fiber Optic Audio Interface?

- Sep 18, 2018-

Optical fiber audio interface TosLink, full name Toshiba Link, which was developed and set by Toshiba Corporation of Japan earlier, has an Optical logo on the back panel of audio-visual equipment. Almost all digital audio and video equipment now has connectors in this format. TosLink fiber has been widely used in ordinary low-end CD, LD, MD, DVD players and stereos. Fiber optic connections provide electrical isolation and prevent digital noise from being transmitted through the ground, which helps improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the DAC. However, the time base error is an important factor affecting the sound quality. Therefore, the performance of the digital audio equipment transmission interface should be measured according to the size of the time base error. The fiber-connected signal undergoes two conversions between the transmitter and the receiver, which produces a timing jitter error (Jitter) that severely affects the sound quality. The materials commonly used in the manufacture of optical fibers are plastic, quartz, glass, etc. Glass fiber (ST) is the most expensive one.



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