What Are The Future Trends Of Smart Speaker?

- Jul 16, 2018-

Since the launch of the smart audio echo three years ago by Amazon.com, the smart flag of the US's first intelligent audio manufacturer, Sonos, has quickly been taken down. Today, it seems that in many people's eyes, it is still a smart speaker with trendy gadgets. Of course, there are two core functions of smart home voice control center and personal assistant.

American users can realize the networking and voice control of smart appliances in the home through the smart speaker echo, as well as the functions of daily assistants, ordering restaurants, calling cars, reading, translating, calling and the like.

The advantage of Chinese users based on Baidu's small degree, Ali Tianmao, Jingdong, Xiaomi Xiaoai and other intelligent systems is that they can realize "space-by-space operation" through voice, making it inconvenient for people to use mobile phones or other electronic devices. Help, you can talk to the intelligent audio, flexible access to online music, the use of scenes is still behind the United States in the absence of full Internet access.

Whether a new product concept can be accepted by the market, whether advanced technology is only one of the dimensions of judgment, the real key is whether it can be sufficiently related to the concepts and experiences known to consumers. In the smart speaker products are gradually being heated up, and all the major manufacturers have also not forgotten to squeeze into such a trend to get a share. Taking the development of the US smart speaker market as an example, according to industry insiders, smart speakers will cover 75% of American households in 2020, reaching 94.2 million devices.

Smart speakers are constantly showing their right to enter the smart home, and the entrance to smart homes is still inseparable from smart phones. First of all, the smart speaker to join the local area network, but also through the mobile phone APP operation can be achieved, although it is only the first step in use, but the relevant people believe that this also reveals the importance of the current stage of mobile phones in the smart home system. In addition, in terms of smart home remote operation, the mobile phone reflects its importance as a mobile terminal. Moreover, the realization of many intelligent hardware is ultimately based on the mobile phone APP to open or close. In terms of portability, the mobile phone is small and easy to carry, and the smart speaker is much more bloated than the mobile phone.



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