What Are The Advantages Of The Pickup And Microphone Respectively?

- Sep 28, 2018-

1. Sensitivity

In general, surveillance pickups are highly sensitive sound collection devices, while microphones are low-sensitivity. Because the monitors are designed to be highly sensitive, they can capture the subtle sounds of the scene, while the microphones are low-sensitivity and need to be close to the sound source to pick up the sound.

2. Directionality

Surveillance pickups are mostly omnidirectional and the microphones are directional. Because the monitoring pickup needs to collect the sound of the entire monitoring space, it is often set to be omnidirectional.

3. The circuit

Although the monitor pickup and the microphone are both a circuit for rotating the sound, the built-in amplifier circuit of the monitor pickup can directly drive the active sound, and most of the microphones need to pass through the power amplifier to play the sound.

4. The output port

The monitor pickup must pay attention to the port when accessing the memory or audio. General monitoring pickups must be connected to the Adiuo In or Line In ports. The microphone is connected to the Mic In input port.



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