What Are The Advantages Of An In-ear Personal Monitoring System?

- Sep 18, 2018-

Traditional monitoring is achieved by the cumbersome wedge-shaped monitor speakers on the stage, in mono mode. In-ear monitoring provides a more comfortable and accurate way to monitor:

Sound quality: With the in-ear monitor system, you can hear clear mixes and high-fidelity sounds even with reduced volume, and less external noise. The sound that the listener feels will also improve, because the in-ear monitoring system eliminates the echo; in addition, the stage microphone does not pick up the stage noise from the usual wedge speakers.

Mobility: The wedge monitors focus the sound in one place. With the in-ear monitoring system, the sound goes directly into the ear, which expands your range of activities on the stage and allows you to hear clearly wherever you go.

Portability: The entire in-ear system can be carried in a briefcase and carried around. The wedge-shaped monitor speakers are not only noisy, but also bulky and heavy, difficult to transport.



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