What Are MEMS Microphones?

- Sep 28, 2018-

MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) Microphones are microphones based on MEMS technology. Simply put, a capacitor is integrated on a micro silicon wafer. It can be fabricated by surface mount process, can withstand high reflow temperatures, and is easy to work with CMOS technology. Other audio circuits are integrated with improved noise cancellation and good RF and EMI suppression. The full potential of MEMS microphones remains to be tapped, but products using this technology have demonstrated many advantages in a variety of applications especially in mid- to high-end mobile applications.

The composition of the MEMS microphone is generally composed of a MEMS micro-capacitance sensor, a micro integrated conversion circuit, an acoustic cavity, and an RF anti-interference circuit. The MEMS micro-capacitor tip includes a silicon diaphragm that receives sound and a silicon back electrode. The silicon diaphragm can directly receive the audio signal and transmit it to the micro integrated circuit through the MEMS micro-capacitance sensor. The micro integrated circuit converts the high impedance audio electric signal and the sound signal is amplified by converting it into a low-resistance electrical signal and filtering it through the RF anti-noise circuit to output an electrical signal that matches the pre-circuit. The recognition of the sound is achieved by reading the electrical signal.



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