What Are Matrix Mixers?

- Sep 14, 2018-

Matrix mixers are music mixers that allow musicians to create different styles of music through this matrix output. The difference between it and the general mixer is that the matrix bus is added. Various sound signals can be separately programmed into the matrix bus. The sound signals sent from the matrix bus are mixed and amplified, divided into multiple groups, and the signal size of each group is adjustable. The mixed, mixed signal is size-adjusted through the matrix output, isolated and amplified, and finally the matrix acoustic signal is sent. The 16-square matrix is taken as an example to illustrate the channel control process. It can be seen that each input channel has a button for entering the matrix busbar after its fader, and different types of music signals are intercepted on the matrix bus, for example, an input channel inputs a drum sound signal on the matrix bus. 1 Load the drum sound and press the M1 button on the road. Enter the flute sound signal on one input channel, load the flute sound on the matrix bus 2, and press the M2 button on the road. Input a small acoustic signal to an input channel, load the violin sound on the matrix bus 3, and press the M3 button on the road. Input a small acoustic signal to an input channel, load a small sound on the matrix bus 4, and press the M4 button on the road. In this way, by adjusting the 16-square array adjustment button before the output of the matrix, it is possible to generate music with different musical tones as the main body at the output of the matrix.



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