What Are Features Of Good Headphones For Runners?

- Aug 29, 2018-

Lightweight construction is especially important for runners, as heavy headphones are likely to become uncomfortable and may fall off during strenuous exercise. Lightweight materials also make headphones easy to transport wherever runners travel. Durable construction ensures that the headphones can withstand the constant impact of jogging or running while remaining in place without straining connecting cords. Reinforced wire connections are invaluable for keeping cables from breaking or fraying due to the motion.

Headphones used for jogging should be at least moisture-resistant, as they may come into contact with sweat on hot days and precipitation on rainy-day jogs. Many good headphones feature designs that keep sweat away from sensitive interior components. Headphones designed for running should also have a secure fit that remains snug and comfortable throughout longer runs without the runner needing to adjust them regularly. Wireless headphones, which often feature Bluetooth technology, take this a step further by allowing the band to wrap fully around the head with no fear of snagging the wire during the run. Audio quality is paramount for enjoying favorite tunes during a run, and many good running headphones also feature noise-cancellation technology to make it easier to focus on the music.



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