What Are Digital Mixers?

- Sep 25, 2018-

Digital Mixers - With the advent of digital audio, the digitization of signal routing and processing has revolutionized console design. Many new mixers and mixers incorporate digital technology, relying on digital computing processors and digital interfaces to arrange audio signal paths (sound track assignment, insertion return, channel switch, equalization, etc.). The most important advantage is that in many cases the settings and signal levels of these paths are "digitally encoded", and the state of the instantaneous path arrangement and dynamic range setting information can be saved in the computer memory and recalled at any time. We all know that a digital audio system works by sampling analog signals (measuring instantaneous voltage values) and converting these sample values into a series of coded numbers. Therefore, the most important basis for measuring the characteristics of digital circuits is: sampling frequency (44.1Hz) and quantization ratio (20Bit). Due to the above characteristics, its technical performance indicators (especially signal-to-noise ratio, dynamic characteristics, frequency response) are significantly improved compared with analog mixers. Digital mixers are generally divided into two types, digital analog mixers and all-digital mixers. Each has been widely used.



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