Top Dynamic Audio Experience - Qualcomm's New AptX Adaptive

- Sep 03, 2018-

Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) announced on August 31 that its subsidiary Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. has released Qualcomm® aptXTM Adaptive, a next-generation audio codec that supports dynamic tuning. In Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd.'s top audio portfolio, this exciting new product combines stability, top-quality sound, scalability, low latency and low bit rate audio transmission with the same enhancements. It aims at delivering a great wireless listening experience for today's most popular and demanding audio applications such as mobile games, video and music. aptX Adaptive technology can automatically adjust to provide the best sound quality or low latency based on the type of content being played on the terminal, while also taking into account the external RF environment to support robust connectivity.



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