Three Qualities That A Sound Engineer Needs

- Sep 25, 2018-

1. The sense of positioning: As the name suggests, the sense of positioning is the restoration of the position of the sound source by the sound engineer. The recognition accuracy of the direction of the sound source can be about 1~2°, and the rough estimate can distinguish the position difference between two female voices or children who speak side by side. Some works with very high recording quality, such as "Black Church", were taken by audiophiles to test equipment.

2. The sense of hierarchy: Generally speaking, each frequency band is clear and unmixed, the tone color is restored correctly, and the high-middle and low-frequency three-frequency balance is balanced, but the frequency band is highlighted to cause disruption of the primary and secondary relationships that various sounds should have. Good layering sound recording, high-frequency texture, musical instrument overtones, vocal sounds are smooth and not harsh, medium frequency is round and full, human voice is natural and moist, low-frequency thick and flexible, not scattered, full of volume.

3. Three-dimensional sense: the stereo separation mentioned above, directly reflected that the subjective sense of hearing is the three-dimensional sense of sound. The sound in the real environment is emitted by multiple sound sources, and the person recognizes the position of the sound source by the time difference, the sound pressure difference and the timbre difference between the two ears of the person. In theory, the stereo recording is separated by at least two distances. The pickup can capture the information needed to restore the relative position of all the sources in the entire sound field, and then the entire sound field can be reproduced through the two-channel playback system.



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