The Types Of Recording Studio

- Nov 12, 2018-

1. Personal recording studio. The personal studio is divided into small recording studios and medium-sized recording studios:

(1) Small recording studio: This recording studio belongs to a professional musician or producer. It has certain requirements for sound. The house is treated to achieve simple sound absorption and sound insulation, and to improve the acoustic environment of recording and mixing.

(2) Medium-sized recording studio: This recording studio belongs to a personal studio for professional musicians or producers. Because the music works are used for distribution, vocals, musical instruments, drums, etc. need to be completed in the shed, so recording and mixing on the house Acoustic requirements are higher than for small studios.

2. Commercial recording studio: this kind of purely commercial profitable organization has high requirements on the acoustic index and aesthetic comfort of the studio. It adopts the suspended house structure to achieve the effect of the room in the room, improve the sound insulation and reduce the background noise.

3. Industry recording studio: this kind of studio is a dedicated industry recording studio for radio and television, educational institutions, etc. It is very demanding on the acoustic indicators and aesthetic comfort of the studio. It is mainly used for vocal recording and teaching.



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