The Related Tips For Wireless Microphones

- Sep 13, 2018-

We will introduce the relevant skills of the microphone before, during and after the use process in three stages.

Whether in the performance of the theater, in the workplace, or in the presentations made in the company, the wireless microphone can be placed in a hidden position, while allowing the actors or presenters to freely move. However, if you set the microphone as described below, you can avoid problems that may occur during use.

1. Before using the microphone: If the microphone line is hidden in the clothes, tape the microphone and cable to the clothes to avoid the noise generated by the friction between the clothes and the microphone and the microphone cable. At the same time, the cable is tied to a junction near the microphone, which will reduce the noise caused by cable friction. In fact, there is no very effective way to reduce this kind of noise, so you'd better wear natural fiber clothing, which reduces the possibility of noise compared to rayon.

2. During using of the microphone: Don't worry about using the equalization operation. Properly raising the high frequency of the microphone can make the sound quality of the microphone hidden in the clothes or hair brighter, and making a low cut to the low frequency band will reduce the cable and air flow. Noise caused by heartbeat, etc.

3. After using the microphone: Remember that moisture is the biggest enemy of the condenser microphone. Don't rush the microphone back into the box and leave the microphone in the air for a while so that the moisture can be dried. Also at this time, you can overhaul the microphone to see if there is a drop in the frequency response, and swing the microphone cable to see if there is any problem with the line being loose.



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