The Recording Methods Of A Multitrack Recording

- Oct 08, 2018-

There are two ways to record multi-channel recording: multi-channel simultaneous track recording and multi-channel staging recording.

Multi-channel simultaneous orbital recording is to first record different sound sources on different soundtracks of multi-channel tapes (other carriers), and then produce the programs needed for synthesis. Specifically, the first is to divide the band into several groups for recording, and arrange them in appropriate positions in the studio according to the grouping situation. Each group has its own dedicated microphone. To prevent crosstalk, increase the distance between the microphones or set an active sound-absorbing screen between the microphones. Reverberation time in the studio should be as short as possible, and should have strong sound absorption and strong diffusion characteristics. At the same time, you should get a good diffuse sound field in the studio. Microphones also use sharp directivity. After the band is arranged and the microphone is adjusted accurately, the program signals picked up by the microphones are sent to the mixer, and the signals picked up by each of the microphones are adjusted one by one. At this time, the acoustic word isolation between adjacent two microphones should be at least 15 dB or more. Then, the program signals sent to the mixer are subjected to various sound quality high-speed or manual delay, reverberation and the like, and then the program signals are output to the multi-track recorder recording device, and the program signals of all the different channels are recorded at most. The sound track corresponding to the track tape can also be recorded on the sound track corresponding to the multi-track carrier.

The recorded multi-track tape or other multi-track carrier is reproduced, and each track signal is separately input to the mixer, and then equalized, reverberated, delayed, and the like are separately processed. The artistic processing of tone, volume and sound image is carried out according to the requirements of the program. This process is called a synthetic program.



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