The Principles Of Magnetic Recording

- Sep 21, 2018-

1. The principle of recording technology

When the carrier coated with the hard magnetic material (such as a magnetic tape) moves at a constant speed in the alternating signal magnetic field generated by the magnetic head, the carrier becomes magnetized correspondingly in the moving direction, and the sound information remains in the manner of residual magnetism on the carrier. In other words, the time-distributed audio signal is converted into spatially distributed information and stored, thereby completing the recording of the audio signal.

2. The principle of playback technology

The playback process is actually a reverse process of recording, which restores the residual magnetic information on the tape to an electrical signal by magnetoelectric conversion. The playback head is implemented when the device is implemented. The tape must be run at the same tape speed as the recording before the playback head to properly reproduce the sound.

3. The principle of silencer technology

The muffling method of the tape includes a DC silencing method and an AC silencing method. The basic principle is to add a DC or AC magnetic field to the tape to drown or eliminate the original remanence.



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