The Preparation Work Of Documentary Recording Engineer

- Sep 25, 2018-

Documentaries generally require simultaneous recordings, which is a huge challenge for sound engineers. For documentary filmmakers, you must be well prepared to be able to record the best sound.

First, the documentary recorder should check every aspect of the device, the connection between the battery and the mixer, the connection of the microphone to each input of the mixer, and the sound quality of the microphone. Check the output signal of each mixer to ensure the sound quality of the output, ensure that the sound does not drop the meter, and check the output line and Mic gear selection. Check if the sweater is good, because in some cases you need to put on the sweater to collect the sound outdoors, so try to save the time by choosing a sweater that is easy to set.

Second, check the connection to the camera. When shooting a documentary, the sound is directly output to the camera after passing through the mixer, so pay attention to the parameter position selection on the camera. Pay attention to whether the camera's volume meter has dropped. Send 1KHz to the camera to adjust the input gain of the camera. When the mixer gives the camera a thousand-week signal, the watch should be at 0, and the camera's volume meter should be at -20. Cut to ensure a pair of thousand-week signals with the camera each time it is connected to the camera.

Again, check if the lever and the boom screw can be clamped, and if the microphone in the boom is tight, and whether the microphone is the selected model. Check whether each cable is in good condition, and there is no such phenomenon that the contact is not good or the foundation is virtual. Try to choose the cable of the soft cortex, so that it is convenient to be wrapped and lined up during the shooting process.



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