The New Release Of The Wireless Microphone Of Maono

- Sep 07, 2020-

Live streaming, short video recording, street show interviews... all these occasions require a microphone. Maono has launched a new product AU-WM730 wireless microphone for such occasions.



This wireless microphone performs well in improving the stability of wireless signal reception, anti-interference, intelligent noise reduction, and sound reception. AU-WM730 wireless microphone also has humanized control and adjustment settings.

From the introduction of the new product launch, the AU-WM730 wireless microphone is small and lightweight, weighing only 45g. The body is made of PC material, and the surface is frosted, making it more skin-friendly.


However, for users, the release of a wireless microphone is not only concerned with the appearance, but also with its reception stability and clarity of reception. AU-WM730 wireless microphone adopts the latest research and development technology: low-cut attenuation.


The purpose of this low-cut function is to shield low-frequency sounds below 50Hz, such as car engine sounds, and even noises such as fans and air conditioners, which can effectively output clear and natural human voices.


Anyone who has used a wireless microphone knows that it is fatal to encounter the microphone being too sensitive when recording. The attenuation function of Maono AU-WM730 can adjust the sensitivity of the microphone from 0 to -10dB to prevent sound breaking during recording and achieve ultra-clear sound reception.

In terms of stability, Maono AU-WM730 is also unambiguous at all. It provides 48 channels for users to pair freely, and the reception stability is more than doubled, which effectively improves the reception blind spot, and provides users with reliability, stability, wireless pickup output with wider signal coverage.


In addition, the microphone equipped with Maono AU-WM730 is a 360-degree high-fidelity microphone, which enables accurate reception no matter how the user holds the microphone. In terms of transmission distance, Maono AU-WM730 has achieved a transmission distance of up to 100 meters, with stable signal, constant frequency and no freeze.

Maono AU-WM730 wireless microphone also supports real-time earphone monitor, plug in the earphones to listen while recording and adjust the recording effect at any time. And no driver installation is required, plug and play, smart and compatible with IOS and Android systems. In terms of battery life, Maono AU-WM730 lasts about 8 hours, which can basically meet the needs of daily use.



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