The Main Technical Indexes Affecting Sound Quality And Timbre

- Sep 13, 2018-

1. Frequency range: that is, the operating frequency bandwidth of the power amplifier under the specified distortion and rated output power.

2. Frequency response: The output gain of the power amplifier increases or decreases with the change of the input signal frequency and the phase lag changes with the input signal frequency. This indicator is the most important basis for assessing the quality of the power amplifier. The smaller the decibel value, the flatter the frequency response curve of the power amplifier, the smaller the distortion, and the stronger the degree of reproduction and reproducibility of the signal.

To distinguish the sound of the sound, don't carry your favorite inside. Don't discern the sound of the sound because you prefer some kind of audio equipment. This will mislead your results. You must follow the indicator to detect if your audio equipment cannot restore the tone of the original instrument, then not even high-fidelity equipment.



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