The Functions Of The Sound Console

- Aug 27, 2018-

The first function is to amplify the program signal. When the signals of different program sources enter the mixer, the amount of amplification required for different signals is not the same, so the mixer must be able to process different signals separately. For example, the music signals and vocal signals of various instruments are different in amplitude, and of course, they need to be processed separately.

The second function is to adjust the frequency of each signal separately. We know that different signals form different timbres due to their spectral distribution, harmonic components, etc., and the influence of buildings on sound makes the timbre change a lot. The sound engineer should separately process the different sound signals entering the mixer according to different sound amplification environments, so that the sound is as close as possible to the original sound. Each channel of the mixer has the same processing means, such as: 3-band equalization, gain controller, high-pass filter, and so on.

The third function is the combination of signals. After the mixer adjusts the signals, the various signals are combined into a standard left and right channel (stereo) output, which is used as the input signal of the next level device. This is the most basic function.

The fourth function is the distribution function. In addition to the stereo main output, the mixer can provide more than two auxiliary output signals. This type of signal has two purposes, one is the sound room monitoring or the stage listening; the other is to use the excitation signal of the effect.



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