The Functions Of The Exciter

- Sep 07, 2018-

The exciter is a harmonic generator that uses human psychoacoustic characteristics to modify and beautify the sound signal. By adding various methods such as adding high-frequency harmonic components to the sound, it is possible to improve the sound quality, the timbre, and the penetration of the sound, and to increase the spatial sense of the sound. Modern exciters not only create high-frequency harmonics, but also feature low-frequency extensions and musical styles to make bass sounds more perfect and music more expressive.

Use an exciter to improve the clarity, intelligibility and expressiveness of the sound. Make the sound more pleasant, reduce the listening fatigue and increase the loudness. Although the exciter only adds about 0.5dB of harmonic content to the sound, it actually sounds like the volume has increased by about 10dB. The sound loudness of the sound is significantly increased, the stereoscopic effect of the sound image and the degree of separation of the sound are increased; the positioning and layering of the sound are improved, and the sound quality of the reproduced sound and the reproduction rate of the magnetic tape can be improved. Because the acoustic signal loses high-frequency harmonic components during transmission and recording, high-frequency noise occurs. At this time, the former uses the exciter to compensate the signal first, and the latter can filter the high-frequency noise by the filter, and then create a high-pitched component to ensure the sound quality.

The adjustment of the exciter requires the sound engineer to judge the sound quality and tone of the system, and then adjust according to the subjective listening evaluation.



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