The Functions Of DJ Mixer

- Sep 14, 2018-

1. Signal smooth transition

The DJ mixer is a special sound reinforcement mixer. Its biggest feature is that it has a cross fader for signal smooth transition switching to ensure that the music broadcasted when the album is replaced is not interrupted, and the signal is switched by the cross fader. It is hard to notice, because when the cross fader is in the middle position, the two sets of stereo signals will be mixed at the same time. If the cross fader is slowly sliding to the left group a input signal, the group a signal is The level gain in the main output level will gradually increase, and the level gain of the b group signal will gradually weaken in the main output level until it is cut off, and when the cross fader slides to the right, the b group input signal is connected. The same is true.

2. Sound automatic gain control

Another feature of the DJ mixer is the automatic TALK OVER function. When playing Disco music, you need to use the DJ microphone. Just turn on the microphone switch and press the TALK OVER automatic gain control function button. When the DJ microphone has a signal input, the original music signal that is being played will automatically attenuate the gain by 14db to highlight the sound of the DJ microphone. When the TALK OVER automatic gain control function key is turned off, the original Disco music signal will be Automatically restores the level gain before auto-attenuation, so the microphone and music signals are always in the best state at the signal output level of the mixer without setting the signal input level gain of the DJ microphone and music in advance. If there is no sound automatic gain control (TALK OVER) function, use DJ microphone when playing music, the microphone signal must be greater than the music signal to hear the sound of the DJ microphone, so it is easy to cause the acoustic feedback of the microphone signal to cause the equipment damage. The method of attenuating the music signal is generally difficult to grasp, only with the TALK OVER automatic gain control function. Automatic and smooth automatic entry into the DJ microphone and music input signal level gain.

In addition, the DJ mixer's TALK OVER automatic gain control function can be used not only in Disco ballrooms, but also in design briefs for fashion shows and background music in public places. In both cases, the DJ mixer can be placed in the sound control room, the TALK OVER automatic gain control function button is always on. Usually, the microphone switch on the DJ microphone is turned off. You only need to turn on the switch on the microphone to work, and the microphone can be placed away from the sound control room. Places, if you are using a wired microphone if you are far away, you should purchase a DJ mixer with a balanced input.



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