The Features Of News Recordings

- Oct 08, 2018-

Radio recording news is a form of news and a form of broadcasting. Generally speaking, recording news can be divided into recording speech, recording interview, recording meeting and so on. The biggest feature of such recorded news is that it has a strong timeliness, so it often gives people a clear feeling of the scene.

However, broadcast recording news is very different from traditional TV news and online news. It cannot present characters to the audience. At the same time, the audience must accept news information and must also adopt the form of sound. Therefore, the requirement for broadcast recording is relatively high, which is different from paper media. Therefore, the broadcast itself must pass the preemptive method, so that the audience can see the scene in the mind as soon as they hear the sound.

The success of audio and video news lies in the shortness and timeliness of the report, so it often needs to be broadcast in time by means of the equipment on the broadcast site. The news broadcast must emphasize the truthfulness and rigor of the facts. Therefore, the broadcaster must ensure that the language is clear, well-organized, logical, and concise at the same time.

In addition, when conducting interviews, journalists need to pay attention to their own and the requirements of the interviewees. Whether it is an interviewer or an interviewee, the language speed should be moderate during the actual recording process, and it should not be too fast or too slow. Too fast is easy to cause the recording effect to be not clear enough, and the sound has a mixed effect. Being too slow will cause the recording sound to be too long. If the audience can't see the picture, simply hear such a sound, and it will be annoying in the long run. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring clarity, it is also necessary to refine the language requirements. This will ensure that ambiguity is avoided during the actual recording process, which is also the basic requirement and principle in the process of news dissemination.

In general, excellent recording news has a time limit of about 3 to 5 minutes, and the shortest time can be tens of seconds. But no matter how long or short, the content of the statement should be clear and rich, and it contains a lot of information, but at the same time must ensure the clarity of the theme.



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