The Difference Between AV Amplifier And Hi-Fi Amplifier

- Sep 12, 2018-

1. AV power is insufficient when playing a large signal source.

This can be seen from the product manual. The output power of the AV amplifier in the two-channel state is larger than that in the four-channel state. However, some manufacturers' specifications are the same. At this time, you can use a large dynamic range of music to audition, you can obviously feel powerless. This is because the total power consumption of the AV amplifier is large, the power supply reserves are not surplus, and the Hi-Fi amplifier is calm.

2. AV amplifier wiring affects sound quality.

The AV amplifier sets a variety of video and audio ports, and accesses multiple sets of audio and video signal sources, resulting in many and complicated signal lines, which easily cause mutual interference of signals. In particular, the existence of distributed capacitance has the greatest influence on high-frequency audio and its harmonics, so that the original high-frequency components of the high-quality signal source are attenuated or interfered, so that the listener cannot appreciate the high-fidelity effect.

3. The screen of the AV amplifier will also interfere with the sound quality.

AV power amplifier pays attention to convenient multi-function operation. The panel is equipped with a large-scale fluorescent display, which makes the operation intuitive and vivid. However, the fluorescent screen is heated by low-voltage AC filament, and the character display is driven by the pulse signal, which will radiate a lot of electromagnetic interference to the surrounding. Affect the sound quality.

If you want to enjoy movies and TV shows, then choose AV amplifiers, if you have a soft spot for music, then choose Hi-Fi amplifier.



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