The Development Trend Of Public Broadcasting System

- Jul 19, 2018-

1. Intellectualization

The so-called intellectualization means computerization, in fact, it is necessary to put the entire public broadcasting system under the computer. In recent years, following the spread of computer skills, many aspects of the practice of public broadcasting systems have been incorporated into the computer processing, the first is to use a single-chip computer. But until the end of the last century, the whole public broadcasting system was placed under the computer for processing. Since 2000, various computer-based public address systems have been continuously launched.

Most intelligent public address systems place the system under the control of a general-purpose PC, controlled by a common keyboard. The rest of the system is still the norm, just adding a computer interface. Other more specialized series, by a dedicated host (of course, should also be a computer) virtualized all aspects of the system except the amplifier (including the audio source broadcast link), directly on the host screen control. The primary difference between it and the conventional system is: small size and high integration, which accommodates the functions of partitioning, punctuality, alarming, forcing, paging, telephone, monitoring, voice file curing, CD broadcasting, etc. in the conventional series; More sensitive and complete than the usual system.

2. Network

The internal requirements of modern intelligent buildings establish data networks, video networks and audio networks. The public broadcasting network turns the traditional public broadcasting network into a data network, and connects various terminals such as the broadcasting terminal, the on-demand terminal, the sound source collecting/paging terminal, and the long-distance control terminal, so that the device can be controlled and sensitive. Not the same as local resource sharing.



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