The Development Trend Of Audio System Digitization

- Sep 05, 2018-

With the development of digital technology and further applications, a large number of audio devices are gradually digitized. Why is the audio system digital?

Audio signals are continuously varying irregular signals (analog signals) that often cause the following problems during transmission, storage, and conversion:

1. After the signal is transmitted over a long distance by wire or wirelessly, the signal/noise ratio is deteriorated and the distortion is increased;

2. The signal dynamic range of the audio signal storage carrier is only 40 to 50 dB, which is much lower than the maximum signal dynamic range of the program source (120 dB).

3. In signal editing and transformation (program editing, transcription and delay effect processing, etc.), as the number of transformations increases, the sound quality will deteriorate rapidly;

4. The large-scale audio sound reinforcement system has a large amount of work and maintenance in the later stage, and the efficiency is low.

Digital audio signals have the following advantages:

1. The amplitude of the digitally encoded signal varies only in the 0 and 1 states, and the range of variation is up to 20 dB, so it is very suitable for storage of various media. The dynamic range of the audio signal depends only on the sampling frequency and the number of quantized bits. It is easy to achieve a dynamic range greater than 90 dB. The current best-performing analog system has a dynamic range of less than 75 dB.

2. The amount of information of the digital audio signal is included in the variation of the pulse sequence, rather than the amplitude of the encoded pulse. Although the digital audio signal is transmitted with noise superimposed on it, the clipping/limit of the encoded pulse is passed. The picture can completely remove the noise, so the signal/noise ratio of the digital audio signal is extremely high, and the sound is pure and clear.

3. Digital audio signals can be repeatedly recorded, edited and transformed without increasing the distortion of the audio signal.

4. Digital signals are easy to process and control, and thus have been widely used in peripheral devices.

5. Digital remote communication, it is very convenient to monitor remote speakers, power amplifiers and other equipment in the control room.



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