The Components Of Stage Sound System

- Nov 15, 2018-

Signal amplification and processing equipment: including mixers, preamplifiers, power amplifiers and various controllers and audio processing equipment. The primary task of this part of the equipment is signal amplification, followed by signal selection. The mixer and preamplifier are similar in function and status (of course, the mixer's functions and performance indicators are higher), their basic functions are to complete the signal selection and preamplification, in addition to the volume and sound effects for various adjustment and control. In order to better perform frequency equalization and timbre beautification, the graphic equalizer is also separately input. This part is the "control center" of the entire broadcast sound system. The power amplifier amplifies the signal from the preamplifier or the mixer, and then pushes the speaker through the transmission line.

Although the transmission line is simple, it has different requirements depending on the system and the transmission method. For the auditorium, theater, etc., because the distance between the power amplifier and the speaker is not far, the direct feeding method of low resistance and large current is generally adopted, and the transmission line requires a dedicated speaker line. For the public broadcasting system, since the service area is wide and the distance is long, in order to reduce the loss caused by the transmission line often adopts a high-voltage transmission mode. Since the transmission current is small, the transmission line is not required to be high.

Speaker system: The speaker system requires the entire system to be matched, and the choice of its position should be realistic. Auditoriums, theaters, dance halls, sound quality, sound quality requirements, and speakers generally use high-power speakers; and public broadcasting systems, because it is not so high requirements for sound, generally use 3W-6W ceiling speakers.



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