The Common Sound Problems In Conference System

- Sep 07, 2018-

1. The noise is large. It affects the clarity, softness and brightness of the sound. In severe cases, it will cover the sound of the venue. Due to excessive gain, automatic gain control, impedance mismatch, etc., the noise floor will appear.

2. The local voice whistling. The excessive feedback in the sound reinforcement system is the howling, which belongs to the performance of the microphone sound gain boost limit, and is also the result of peak superposition. It is mainly caused by the unreasonable placement of microphones and speakers in the conference room layout.

3. The sound ratio is out of balance. If the proportion of the sound between the general control room, the main venue, and the sub-meeting venue is out of balance, it will affect the balance of remote sounds restored by other sub-sites, resulting in a decline in the overall effect of the conference.

4. Lighting interference. If the venue uses intermittent ballasts to activate the lights, the high-frequency radiation will be generated when the lamp is excited, and the microphone and its leads will be inserted in series, and a “tick” sound will appear; the microphone cable will be too close to the light line and "squeak" sound will appear.

5. Power interference. Poor grounding of the power supply, poor ground contact between the devices and impedance mismatch, and the device's power supply are not “purified”, etc., which will cause clutter interference to the audio signal, forming a low-frequency AC “buzz” sound.



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