The Classification Of Interphone Earphones

- Oct 08, 2018-

1. It can be divided into earplug type, ear-hook type, head-mounted type (light, medium and heavy type) from the way of wearing.

The earplug type and ear-hook type earphones are small in size and convenient to carry, and are the earphones which are quite popular on the market at present, and are the most commonly used earphones in the current walkie-talkie. There are two types of combination microphones and built-in microphones. Cost-effective earbuds and ear-hook headphones allow users to use the walkie-talkie without having to remove the walkie-talkie from the carry-on case, thus increasing user productivity. They are suitable for retail, hotel, catering and other industries.

The head-mounted type is generally large and has a certain weight, so it is not convenient to carry, but its performance is strong and it is less affected by external interference. Headphones create conditions for hands-free communication and are therefore an effective tool for greatly improving work efficiency.

It includes three types of lightweight headphones, medium-sized headphones, and heavy-duty headphones.

Lightweight headphones create conditions for high-definition, hands-free, and split two-way communication, while adding comfort and can be worn in medium noise. They are suitable for the entertainment, retail, sports, and leisure industries.

Medium-sized headphones provide high-definition voice and limited sound insulation. They are necessary tools for clear and double-tone communication in harsh and noisy environments. It is suitable for the construction industry, the manufacturing industry, the petrochemical industry and the air transport industry.

Heavy-duty headsets include a noise-cancelling rotary microphone that can be worn with or without a helmet. The caller is used for noise levels up to 125dB. Suitable for mining, construction, manufacturing and air transport.

2. From the sound transmission method, it is divided into several categories, such as routine, air duct, ear bone conduction, and throat vibration.

Conventional earphone (microphone) means that the electroacoustic signal of the receiver is transmitted to the ear (horn) through the wire. The voice is transmitted from the air to the microphone and converted into an electroacoustic signal to be sent to the transmitter, which is the most common headphone in the market.

Air duct earphone means that the electroacoustic signal of the receiver is converted into sound waves and transmitted to the ear through a plastic air duct. It is characterized by:

a. This vibrating sound wave is transmitted through a hollow conduit to filter distortion and other noise generated by the speaker. In addition, the sound is transmitted from the catheter, and the human ear does not need to be in close contact with the speaker, and the discomfort caused by the magnetic radiation of the speaker and the heat generated by the speaker coil working in the magnet for a long time can be avoided.

b. Because the air duct is made of transparent material, it is easy to use invisibly, so it is also selected for people with special work (such as the staff of the entertainment office and the guards) and the people who need to use it for a long time.

The ear bone conduction earphone has high quality and high noise resistance, and its microphone is a vibrating microphone. It uses a high-sensitivity vibration sensor to pick up human tissue vibration caused by vocal cord vibration when a person speaks, and convert the vibration into electrical signal processing. The bone conduction microphone is insensitive to sound waves propagating in the air and has superior noise immunity. It is unaffected by wind cuts, unique design, soft texture, easy to wear and comfortable.

Throat-type earphones use the throat vibration caused by the vocal cord vibration to transmit to the pickup, and convert it into an electro-acoustic signal and send it to the transmitter. The laryngeal and ear bone microphones are transmitted directly from the throat and the ear bones to the pickup to prevent the environmental noise from entering the transmitter, but the sound transmitted from the air will be somewhat different, so the other party will feel the sound, but the clear call is the main purpose of communication.

In addition, there is a hidden headset on the market. It is a special type of earphone that can be completely concealed with a miniature wireless receiver. All information received by the user's two-way radio is relayed to the wireless headset in the user's ear in the form of radio waves, which can be conveniently hidden under the user's clothing in secret operations. Security personnel, public safety personnel and private detectives can communicate through this undetectable device. Although small, it offers a full range of audio features including automatic squelch, automatic gain control and automatic noise filtering.



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