The Characteristics Of Simultaneous Recording Of Film And Television Plays

- Sep 20, 2018-

First of all, the film and television dramas that took the same recording were in a state of complete synchronization. At the shooting scene of the film and television drama, the picture and the sound are simultaneously recorded on the trajectory, thereby achieving a completely synchronized sound painting effect. Although the dubbing can achieve multiple re-records, and the dubbing actors are more professional, they are prone to the disconnection between the sound and the picture.

Secondly, the use of film and television dramas recorded in the same period will produce more noise in the soundtrack, while the works with late dubbing tend to have a cleaner soundtrack. However, in terms of the authenticity of the voice expression and the artistic appeal, the recordings in the same period were slightly better. In a real performance environment, the emotional scheduling and emotional input of the actors can make the sound more appealing and visual, while the late dubbing actors have higher professional quality, but compared with the true feelings in the real performance environment. Still lacking the authenticity brought by the scene. At the same time, although the late dubbing can simulate the ambient sound, it cannot realize the restoration of the meta scene.

Finally, there is a difference between the film and the simultaneous recording of the TV series. Among them, the sound recording of the TV series is a single system recording, usually using a digital synchronous recording device. The sound recording of the movie is separate from the picture and belongs to dual system recording.



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