The Causes Of Noise During Recording

- Sep 29, 2018-

1. Noise generated by switches and potentiometers

When operating the switch and adjusting the potentiometer, sometimes noise is generated. Therefore, the components should be rotated before recording to see if they are reliable. During the recording process, it is best not to touch the potentiometers and switches.

2. Noise generated by the TV set

Sometimes the horizontal sync signal and the vertical sync signal of the TV enter the recorder via the input of the TV, or directly enter the recorder, causing noise. In order to prevent this noise, the recorder and the TV can be separated by a certain distance.

3. Noise during pause

When the pause button is pressed during recording, and the tape is re-traveled, the magnetic flux from the recording head changes sharply on the tape due to the sharp change of the tape speed. These changes produce audible sounds. Although this noise is very good, it is still audible in recording places with good signal-to-noise ratio.



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