The Cause Of Interference Signal

- Nov 13, 2018-

According to the source of the interference, it can be divided into three sources:

1. The interference caused by the front-end equipment: the interference of the power supply of the front-end camera, the interference caused by the quality problem of the camera itself, and the judgment method is directly connected to the monitor at the front end. If the interference caused by the power supply can be replaced by the power supply and the switching power supply in the 220V AC circuit, an AC filter is added to solve the problem.

2. Terminal equipment interference: mainly the power supply of the monitoring room, the interference generated by the equipment itself, the interference caused by the grounding, the interference caused by the connection of the equipment and the equipment, etc. The simple judgment method is to directly connect the camera to observe in the monitoring room.

3. Interference in the transmission process: mainly caused by interference caused by transmission cable damage, electromagnetic radiation interference and ground interference (ground potential difference). For the transmission cable, it can be solved by replacing the cable or adding anti-interference equipment.

interference signal



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