The Cause And Solution Of Digital Sound Console Crash

- Sep 14, 2018-

The main feature of the digital mixer is that after the analog signal enters the mixer, the analog-to-digital conversion is first performed, and the signal is converted into a digital stream, and the inside of the mixer is digitally operated.

Therefore, before the signal is out of the mixer, there is no concept of simulation. Once the crash occurs, the processor crashes and the normal output is not guaranteed. Today, analyze the causes and solutions to this situation.

External causes:

If the external environment used by the console is not good, it may cause the console to crash.

First, remove the power factor.

Connect this mixer's power supply. If you connect other high-powered appliances, you will generate a large voltage transient when the appliance is started, which will instantly reduce the voltage at the power supply terminal of the mixer.

The transformer's own transformer has limited ability to adjust this voltage change. Once the allowable limit is exceeded, the machine usually strikes; if it does not strike, abnormal voltage changes may also bring noise into the system.

In addition, in some areas, due to the increase in power load, especially in the summer, the voltage may be sufficient during the day. At night, after the power load increases, the mains voltage decreases at night, which is the case for digital mixers. If the transformer is not able to cope with this change, there may be a crash.

Second, static electricity is a big hidden danger.

The climate in the south is relatively humid. Due to the relatively high air humidity, it is difficult to accumulate a large amount of surface charge on the human body and objects. In the north, the air is relatively dry. People wearing different materials often accumulate different charges.

The space in which the mixer is installed, usually in order to control the reflection of the sound, often lays carpet on the ground, but the carpet itself is unfavorable for the charge drainage, which is more obvious in the relatively dry autumn and winter seasons.

For example, the operator's hand and the mixer surface just "intimate contact", it began to "over-electric", and this instantaneous current can generate tens of thousands of volts. When this voltage hits the circuit, it will cause some devices to exceed the limit of the load, so the crash will appear.

Therefore, the electric charge in the room should be deducted as soon as possible. For example, laying a carpet with relatively good conductivity and grounding the mixer, the operator should wear less clothing that is easy to generate static electricity, and do a good job of charge drainage.

Third, dust is a killer.

Many musicians have the habit of smoking, and often smoke next to the equipment, which will cause a large amount of smoke to enter the machine, and the negative points such as charge and potentiometer contact may occur at various contact points and surface paintings.

We opened the lid of the digital machine and it was possible to judge whether there was dust accumulation by the naked eye. When installing the dust removal device, you can use a powerful hair dryer to remove dust from the surface. If necessary, use a precision instrument cleaner to spray the place where it needs to be cleaned. The handling of this situation is effective for consoles that are used for a long time and lack maintenance throughout the year.


Internal causes:

Digital mixers of different sizes have different processing capabilities for a large number of states, parameters, and data. For large engineering files, or files with a long time and large memory usage, it will cause slow response or even crash.

In this case, it is necessary to disperse the project files as much as possible. For example, a 60-minute complex project file can be saved as one file every 20 minutes and 3 files to record the entire work, which greatly reduces the risk of crashes.

The digital mixer is similar to a computer. The crash of the console is usually restarted. In 80% of cases, the symptoms can disappear, but this is a way to cure the symptoms. Sometimes the console is always operating in a certain state (recording a digital mixer), and the reason is not easy to find.

Fortunately, any digital mixing console has an important storage state - the factory setting, marked as Default Setting, can call these parameters to restore the mixer to its initial state, so that the crash can basically disappear.

Digital mixers also have their own operating system to run their own software within the system. Defects in some hardware drivers can also be the source of the crash. General manufacturers will provide free upgrade services for their digital mixer's hardware and operating system. When upgrading, you need a computer-aided network connection.

The general equipment will feedback a large amount of information during the user's use. The manufacturer solves the problem according to the information and modifies and supplements the software to improve the software and hardware. It should be noted that due to the risk of the upgrade process, please protect the data before the upgrade, and pay special attention to the fact that during the upgrade process, you must not power off, otherwise it will bring irreparable damage. If you are not sure, ask a professional technician.



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