The Best Microphone For Streaming Gaming And Podcasting

- Sep 02, 2019-

Even though it seems obvious, the best microphone for streaming, podcasting, and gaming depends on what you want it to do. Will you be presenting on Twitch or chatting with your friends during multiplayer? Are you going to run a YouTube channel or dabble in music? Mics are usually designed for specific tasks, so you'll need the right kind for the job.

No matter what you need it to do, the best microphone for streaming, gaming, and podcasting will probably run on USB. While good XLR mics can offer studio-quality sound, USB equivalents are often cheaper, more user-friendly, and easier to use with audio-editing software. This makes them ideal for both veterans and newcomers. Just remember to check the microphone's polar pattern. That dictates where it picks up sound. As a result, the polar pattern will tell you what that mic is built for. For example, cardioid mics record audio directly in front of them. That makes them perfect for voiceover and music.

Cardioid: Records directly in front of the mic. For voiceover, music, and streaming.

Bidirectional: Captures audio in front of and behind the mic. Ideal for one-on-one interviews.

Omnidirectional: Picks up sound from every direction. Perfect for multi-guest podcasts.

Maono best microphone for streaming gaming and podcasting: AU-A04. AU-A04 has the incomparable advantages as follows:

First, AU-A04 has the high sampling rate 192kHz/24bit which is the best on the market. Come with a 2.5m USB cable, widely compatible with Windows & Mac & Unix.

Second, this is one of the best microphone kit that demands from the market grows rapidly. Perfect for Youtuber, live streaming, podcasting, studio...

Third, for the customers who want to buy a semi professional gaming/podcasting microphone, but don't want big budget to go for Blue, Razer or Audio-Technica, this is the best choice for them to own everything in one basket: boom arm, pop filter, high-quality microphone, shock mount, USB cable, foam windscreen, table clamp, all in one.

The peak season is coming. Many of our customers have ordered thousands of pieces. Welcome to make some trial orders to test the market.

AU-A04 Podcasting Microphone Kit

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