The Advantages Of Digital Wireless Microphone System

- Sep 18, 2018-

1. Excellent sound quality

Digital wireless systems provide high quality, transparent audio. This is largely because digital wireless systems do not have a "compression expander", a circuit that reduces noise and maximizes dynamic range for all analog wireless microphone systems. The audio signal is first compressed via the transmitter to adapt to the limited dynamic range of the FM transmission and then spread in the receiver.

The process of compression and expansion, although relatively small in most good analog systems, there are some artificially audible sounds (like the wheezing effect) that make the sound of a wireless microphone slightly different from that of a wired microphone. Since the use of digital wireless microphones, the transmission of audio signals no longer requires compression and expansion, and the received signals restore the precise characteristics of the original audio.

2. Compressor (variable)

A digital wireless system achieves the entire audible audio range with a flat frequency response curve.

The digital wireless system converts the analog audio into a digital signal by modulating the radio carrier in several steps. The digital audio signal arrives at the receiver without being affected by electromagnetic noise. Any RF noise below the threshold will not affect the audio quality. The receiver simply ignores anything that is not 1 or 0. All others are discarded. Only digital signals will be identified.

3. Longer battery life

Typically, electronic wireless microphone systems have a 30%-40% longer battery life than the same analog system.

4. Better spectral efficiency

By allowing tighter channel spacing, digital wireless systems can use more effective compatible frequencies simultaneously in a certain frequency band. This feature is especially important in the increasingly crowded UHF television band where many wireless microphones operate. With manufacturers and models, digital wireless systems typically deliver twice the frequency that can be used by the same analog system wireless system.



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