The Advantages Of Condenser Microphones

- Sep 17, 2018-

1. Condenser microphone is based on the principle of charge and discharge between capacitors. The ultra-thin metal or gold-plated plastic film is used as the diaphragm to sense the sound pressure. The static voltage between the conductors is directly converted into electrical energy signals, which are obtained through electronic circuit coupling. Practical output impedance and sensitivity are designed.

2. The audio expert pursues the “original sound reproduction” as the highest level of sound. From the basic design principle of the microphone, it is not difficult to find that the condenser microphone not only relies on sophisticated mechanism manufacturing technology, but also combines complex electronic circuits to directly direct the sound. Converted into electric energy signals, it has excellent characteristics in nature, so it is the best choice for those who pursue the original sound reproduction.

3. The diaphragm is the main component of the microphone to sense sound and convert it into an electrical signal. The material and mechanism design of the diaphragm are the characteristics that determine the sound quality of the microphone. Since the diaphragm of the condenser microphone can be made of extremely thin and light materials, and the sensed sound pressure is directly converted into an audio signal, the frequency response bass can be extended to an ultra-low frequency below 10 Hz, and the high sound can easily reach tens of KHz. Ultrasonic, showing a very wide frequency response

4. Because there is no voice coil load on the diaphragm, it can be extremely thin and light, so it not only has excellent frequency response, but also has excellent sensitivity. It can sense very weak sound waves and output the clearest, finer and more accurate original sound.

5. In addition to determining the frequency response and sensitivity of the microphone, the diaphragm's ability to respond to sound waves, the so-called "instantaneous response" characteristic is one of the most important factors affecting the microphone's tone. The speed of the microphone's transient response is determined by the weight of the entire diaphragm. The lighter the diaphragm, the faster the response is. Capacitive heads are extremely thin and light diaphragms with extremely fast transient response, showing clear, bright and powerful sounds and precise audio. In particular, the middle and low sounds are completely free of sound and "box sound", and the high-pitched sound is crisp and crisp, which is the most remarkable sound color characteristic of the capacitor type. It is apparent from the following figures that the instantaneous response characteristics of the capacitive head are much better than the moving coil type.

6. When using the hand microphone, the touch noise generated by the contact with the palm makes the original sound mixed with extra noise, which has a great impact on the sound quality, especially for the wireless microphone with the preamplifier circuit, so the touch noise becomes the judgment microphone. Good and bad important items. From the physical phenomenon, the goose feathers and the copper plate fall to the floor as well, the goose feathers can hardly hear the falling sound, and the copper plate is very loud, showing that the lighter material has a relatively small impact sound. In the same way, the diaphragm of the condenser microphone is lighter, and it has the excellent feature of "ultra-low touch noise".

7. It is inevitable to use a microphone to cause a malfunction or abnormality due to accidental drop collision. Since the capacitive head is made up of lighter plastic parts and a sturdy light metal casing, the impact force on the ground is small and the failure rate of damage is low.

8. Condenser microphones are designed for ultra-small microphones because of their ultra-thin diaphragm, small size, light weight, high sensitivity and excellent frequency response.

9. Condenser microphones have the above-mentioned excellent features and become the favorite of sound engineering experts and singing masters. Wireless microphones singing on stage or singing karaoke at home have become the trend of the world. Wireless microphones can provide capacitors by themselves. The required bias of the head, and the full advantage of the condenser microphone, has become the best microphone in the digital audio era, professional audio experts dream of.



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