The Advantages And Disadvantages Of In-ear Earphones

- Sep 28, 2018-

In-ear headphones, also known as ear canal earphones, in-ear earphones, or in-ear monitors (that is, the full name of IEM in English: In-Ear-Monitor), is an earphone used inside the human hearing organs. According to its design, the user's ear canal is sealed during use. The earphones above indicate that L and R L are left to indicate that the left channel R is right to indicate the right channel.

The advantages of in-ear headphones:

1. Reduce the interference of outside noise on listening to music, that is, in a noisy environment, you can enjoy music with a relatively low volume and unaffected;

2. The realization of the most intimate contact with the ear, greatly reducing the leakage. This benefit has two directions of use, namely, increasing the texture and volume of the low frequency and increasing the performance of the music details. At present, most of the low-end earphones are used to increase the low-frequency texture and volume, while the high-end earphones are mostly used to increase the performance of the music details.

The disadvantages of in-ear headphones:

1. For some people, wearing in-ear earplugs is a painful thing, not suitable for ears with otitis media;

2. The use of earplugs, may scratch the ear canal;

3. Multi-person use; easy to cross-infect certain bacteria;

4. The principle of sound is unnatural (sound through the small catheter in the ear canal).



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