Smart Headphones May Become A New Outlet For Smart Hardware

- Jul 03, 2018-

In recent years, along with the rapid advancement of human-computer interaction, speech recognition and other technologies, the wave of artificial intelligence has accelerated the upgrade speed of many traditional hardware devices, which has also detonated one smart product hotspot. The smartest speaker in 2017 was undoubtedly the smart speaker, and by 2018, the smart earphone became a new hot spot. Because of its more convenient carrying, artificial intelligence technology blessing and market demand created this new enthusiasm, and the industry has high hopes.

Smart headphones are different from Bluetooth headsets. In addition to traditional functions such as playing music and receiving calls, they also carry sensors and microchips. Since the smart headset introduces the human-computer interaction function into the product, it can provide services such as life assistant, translation, search, etc., and the user does not need to pull out the mobile phone for other operations, completely liberating the hands.

Industry insiders predict that relying on the development of voice interaction technology; smart headsets will break through the relatively single bottleneck of intelligent speaker application scenarios and may become the next smart hardware outlet.



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