Smart Ballpoint Pen For Storing Text And Audio

- Jun 15, 2018-

Japanese SOURCENEXT company and American Livescribe company jointly developed a smart ballpoint pen "Livescribe wifi", which can upload notes and surrounding sounds to "Evernote".

According to reports, this smart pen can simultaneously record the text written on a dedicated notebook and the surrounding conversations. Just touch the text on the notebook with a pen and the audio when you write this text will be played. And the text and recorded audio written on the notebook will be automatically uploaded to Evernote for saving. The smart pen has built-in 2GB of storage space, capable of storing about 200 hours of audio and 20,000 pages of notes.

Information uploaded to Evernote will be saved as a "Pencast" and can be played through the "Livescribe player" program. Uploaded audio can be played from the beginning in Evernote, or you can click on a certain section of text or image in the note to play the audio corresponding to the segment of text.



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