Sincere Cooperation With The Kenyan Customer

- May 31, 2018-

The Kenyan customer is our important and friendly business partner. A few days ago, four types of high-quality microphone products were sent to Kenya. They are AU-410 USB lavalier microphone, AU-A03 podcasting microphone, AU-902 podcasting microphone and AU-C04 VHF wireless microphone.

AU-410 USB lavalier microphone is compatible with Windows PC, Laptops, Mac, Notebooks and other USB 2.0 enabled devices. The product is shown as below.

AU410.jpgAU 410(2).jpg

As an entry level of podcast microphone, AU-A03 podcasting microphone is accompanied with a shock mount, pop filter and a high quality boom arm which can be used for other USB microphones as well. The product is shown as below.

AU A03(2).jpgAU A03.jpg

AU-902 podcasting microphone has a dual model switch for Omni-directional and Cardioid. It is a multi-functional vocal studio in your pocket. The product is shown as below.

AU902.jpgAU 902(2).jpg

AU-C04 VHF wireless microphone is portable with a heavy-duty stream over the top of the speaker for easier one-hand carrying. Put it in your car for outdoor entertaining or on your desk of your house to play radio. The product is shown as below.

AU C04(1).jpgAU C04(2).jpg


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