Scientists Develop Wearable Film Microphones

- Aug 08, 2018-

Researchers at the Ulsan University of Science and Technology in South Korea have made nanofilms made of silver nanowires for use as retractable speakers and microphones. In addition, this “smart skin” can also be embedded in the ear or throat, which can help with hearing and speech problems.

  The study was published in the August 3 issue of Science Advances. Korean researchers have packaged these silver nanocoils on polymer nanofilms. To make this thinner microphone than a tattoo, the researchers designed a stretchable electronic device that stretches and bends with the skin without losing electrical and thermal conductivity.

  The nanofilm can accurately detect sound vibration by the friction voltage. The microphone can also convert voice sound waves back into electrical signals by reverse operation and then store and play them through a smartphone or computer.



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